Supply Chain Manager

East of England
Job Category
East of England
£30,600.00 - £35,700.00 per annum
Closing date
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Total hours per week

The post will be covering the East of England and London Supply Chain, so the ability to travel will be essential.

What We Need?

To actively manage Shaw Trust’s supply chain partners to deliver their contractual requirements of CFO3 Programme, ensuring that outcomes are achieved and sustained throughout our supply chain.

To establish and maintain relationships with community and specialist partners in order that CFO3 Programme participants receive appropriate opportunities for progression and to achieve job outcomes.

To actively support continuous improvement in the existing Supply Chain and its participant base so that we continuously maximise potential for growth and delivery of contractual outcomes.

To actively support the development of our Supply Chain so that we can grow our delivery capability within CFO3 Programme and any new opportunities that might become available. This could require building a strong portfolio of supply chain and alliance partners including social inclusion and cohesion; health and well-being; equality and diversity; joined-up government; sustainable development and child poverty.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To hold individual suppliers to account for their contractual performance, agreeing remedial actions in a timely manner where required and / or sharing good practice across the supply chain. This will require the establishment of regular meetings with each provider and the creating of regular supply chain network events.
  2. To provide the Regional Manager with regular and accurate performance reports on each supplier.
  3. Agree with the Regional Manager the appropriate management actions which will range from working with the supplier to increase their capability to deliver results, to the provision of sanctions or removal of contracts.
  4. To use agreed tools and techniques with the supply chain to ensure each supply chain partner delivers as per their contractual obligations, including quality assurance & compliance.
  5. To act as the focal point for supply chain delivery staff queries relating to the Shaw Trust approach to delivering CFO3 Programme.
  6. Work with supply chain partners to ensure facilitation of best practice, continuous improvement in contract delivery and integration of the participant journey in order to meet the CFO3 Programme required outcomes.
  7. To work with suppliers to create alliances with employers and other agencies who provide tangible outcomes for CFO3 Programme participants.
  8. Develop maintain and promote the Approved Supplier Framework with service providers, charities and voluntary organisations. Ensuring that we maintain a rich and diverse framework of organisation that can provide services to participants on the CFO3 Programme when required.
  9. Promote and sell the Shaw Trust in the Community service to relevant parties, leading to further business opportunities.