Employer Engagement Executive - Ixion

Cambridge and Peterborough - Outreach

This vacancy is now closed

Job Category
Operations | Management
Cambridge and Peterborough - Outreach
£24,000.00-£26,000.00 per annum
Closing date
Contract type
Total hours per week


Responsibility to be able to build relationships with employers to ensure we fully identify their business growth needs.

To actively market, promote and engage with eligible employers to generate “learner starts”, focused on the ESF Skills programmes (or other contracts as designated)

A performance sales driven role that is key to gaining new business Starts every month for Ixion to deliver.

Establishing and maintaining relationships with employers, referral agencies, stakeholders and customers throughout their journey with Ixion/STAR.

Supporting the Head of Service to deliver the required C1 contributions on all direct delivery and sub contracted programmes.

Identify new opportunities to grow the division via new contract wins and relationship building in line with Ixion’s growth targets.

Engage with other Ixion contract teams to promote and sell Ixion’s training /skills offer and maximise direct delivery/product opportunities across the Group.

Support the Skills division in gaining “Starts” in all other areas as well as the core ESF contracts, e.g. Apprenticeships/ 19+ loans funding etc.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Undertake in-depth employer organisational needs analysis to extricate key areas such as organisational strategic plan / short and long term strategy, training needs, current and future skills shortages, recruitment and future organisational growth and sustainability.
  2. Formulates training proposals in line with organisational and LEP requirements.
  3. Generate appropriate employer leads through dedicated marketing activity, partners / stakeholders as well as self-generated leads for apprenticeship engagement.
  4. Take ownership of individual employer engagement activity producing a monthly plan that incorporates a range of innovative marketing and sales strategies and solutions that lead to enhanced learner participation.
  5. Sources employers/candidates by applying a range of innovative sales and employer engagement strategies that lead to learner participation on the ESF Contracts (or other contracts as designated).
  6. Achieves or exceeds monthly targets to maximise income / profit generated from those learner starts from this role.
  7. Proactively sources, locates and develops opportunities in line with revenue and contract targets ensuring all opportunities are fully exploited to enhance employer and learner participation.
  8. Generate and co-ordinate a pipeline of opportunities that lead to employer / candidate participation, that achieves the budgeted number of Starts allocated.
  9. Develop and foster new business relationships at a senior level by researching, identifying and attending regular weekly networking & partnership events to create warm leads and opportunities.
  10. Maximise the network connections e.g. Chambers of Commerce etc and Partner supply chains etc to maximise income opportunities.
  11. Improves and provides solutions to employer engagement, marketing opportunities and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on all opportunities and leads.
  12. Sustains rapport with key accounts by making periodic visits, exploring specific needs and anticipating new opportunities. Develop and nurture stakeholder and partnership relationships to generate a consistent flow of employer /candidate referrals.
  13. Attend and present at external client meetings and internal meetings with other company functions necessary to aid business development.
  14. Direct engagement with participants and employers to provide information, advice and guidance; effectively manages and completes all administration and learner start documentation.
  15. Support the contract manager to prepare for contract review meetings as required.
  16. Communicate, liaise, and negotiate internally and externally using appropriate methods to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships.
  17. Manage and formulate an 'Employer Bank' database to collate and record the work undertaken with employers; update internal CRM and MI systems.
  18. Ensure that key decision makers are contacted within all organisations (particularly regarding National or regional employers) to encourage and facilitate participation in ESF Contracts (or contracts as designated).
  19. Ensure accurate and timely progress reports are completed and produced, and to keep the project management informed of issues and changes that affect the project’s success.
  20. Undertake all other responsibilities and duties as needed for the successful delivery of ESF contracts (or contracts as designated).
  21. Understand and adhere to all responsibilities to ensure that the quality requirements of Ixion’s Quality Assurance Framework, the prime contractor, funding body, Investors In People, OFSTED, DWP Quality Framework, or any other contract stakeholder, are maintained.