Supervising Social Worker


This vacancy is now closed

Job Category
£28,000 - £36,000 (dependent on experience)
Closing date
Contract type
Total hours per week
Full time 37.5

The start date for this role is the 5th October 2020. This role will be based in Wakefield. Interviews will be on the 9th July 2020.

Job Purpose

To recruit, assess, train and support foster carers in accordance with the relevant legal framework.

To promote the welfare of children placed with Fostering to Inspire foster carers.

To contribute to the promotion, development and provision of Fostering to Inspire’s fostering service and the development of Mockingbird Family Model constellations.


Key Responsibilities:

To undertake the recruitment and assessment of fostering applicants, including the provision of a counselling service to unsuccessful applicants as appropriate.

To work positively to promote the recruitment of carers who can meet the needs of children in respect of their race, religion, sexuality, language and culture.

To prepare comprehensive assessments of applicants for presentation at the fostering panel in respect of applicants.

To undertake any necessary pre-approval preparation and training of foster carers, to assist in the provision of training programmes.

To participate in a comprehensive support service to foster carers, including undertaking the supervising social worker role and annual reviews and out of hours service.

To support foster carers in the role of an liaison worker in accordance to the Mockingbird Family Model.

To participate in case conferences, planning meetings and reviews where children are either in placement or being considered for a substitute family placement.

To respond to requests for the provision of foster placements, by identifying appropriate placements and working to facilitate such placements.

To liaise with local authorities and other agencies on matters concerning matching and placements of children and young people.

To provide reports and statistical information in accordance with statutory and Fostering to Inspire requirements.

To follow Fostering to Inspire child protection procedures.

To be responsible for the organisation and planning of work as designated by line managers.

To be responsible for the organisation and planning of work within agreed priorities.

To contribute to the development and evaluation of services.

To ensure compliance with all the relevant administrative legislation as directed by management.

To represent Fostering to Inspire to other agencies in a professional and appropriate manner.

To market the services of the Fostering Service to potential customers.