Inclusive Employment Consultant

This vacancy is now closed

Job Category
Operations | Employer Engagement
Kettering- Wallis House
£28,633.50 - £33,683.50 (includes geographical uplift)
Closing date
Contract type
Fixed Term
Total hours per week

What do we need?

This is an important role in which you will use your commercial engagement, sales and recruitment skills, knowledge and experience identify and engage with local employers to generate long term relationships with Shaw Trust and match our services to employer needs.

Essentially you will work closely with employers and internal delivery staff, taking a holistic approach to support employers to gain employment opportunities for Shaw Trust programme participants.


Are you right for the job?

  • Do you have a strong sales track record leading to achieving positive outcomes and targets in a fast paced environment?
  • Are you a local labour market expert, with strong knowledge of employers, their workforce development needs, and labour market trends in your region?
  • Do you have the ability to tailor your approach to engage with a range of local employers from different sector and of different sizes and structures?
  • Are you a confident relationship builder, able to create opportunities with employers that match the needs of our programme participant?
  • Can you maintain professional relationships with employers to generate further and on-going business opportunities?
  • Are you prepared to travel regularly to visit and support employers, and effectively manage your diary to achieve this?
  • Do you motivate people, work well in a team and stay focused under pressure?
  • Do you have the ability and passion to persuade employers to give employment and development opportunities to disabled people and those facing disadvantage in the labour market?
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