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Teaching Assesor | Skills, Training and Support
Home Based
£32,000 - £35,000 per annum
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The successful candidate will support teaching assessors deliver and develop a range of resources for the L3, L5 and L7 Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Standards and Functional Skills to Level 2. These qualifications are delivered to individuals employed across Levy and Non-Levy paying employers.


You will need experience of providing support to teaching and delivery staff across the Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Standards, allowing a varied programme of delivery in line with the required programme/qualification specifications to offer an integrated programme of learning, training, coaching and assessment on work related programmes to meet the needs of employers and learners, to the standards set by awarding bodies or end point assessment organisations and ensure timely achievement of learner goals and qualifications as per Company and Regulating Bodies KPIs.

Delivery of the support will be a combination of 121 face to face and remote visits and will also include group teaching and learning sessions.

This is a peripatetic role which will require delivery of skills contracts which will be geographically assigned to the role by sector competence.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring robust IQA and best practice processes are in place and followed consistently, in line with the internal quality assurance strategy across all qualifications and contracts. Supporting the business, learners and employers in achieving timely and high success rates, always improving and maintaining Ixion’s grade 1 Ofsted status.
  2. Working with the Approved Centre Manager and Business Skills Team Leader to ensure the business has full approval to deliver all Leadership & Management qualifications across all contracts through the implementation and monitoring of highly effective internal quality assurance processes and systems.
  3. Continually develop expertise in EPA with the wider teaching, learning and assessment team to ensure teaching assessors in Leadership & Management can fully prepare each apprenticeship learner for their Apprenticeship Gateway and End Point Assessment at all levels to achieve the highest possible outcome for each learner and their employer.
  4. Working with the wider teaching, learning and assessment team to monitor management information to identify learners at risk of not achieving a timely completion and ensure appropriate and timely actions are implemented to support that achievement.
  5. With the Approved Centre Manager/Registration Team ensure that the relationship with all Awarding Organisations results in no sanctions against the delivery of qualifications, no delay in the registration and certification of qualifications and no delay in the opportunity for learners to achieve their qualifications.
  6. With the Approved Centre Manager ensure that the relationship with Awarding Organisations supports the business to drive the most cost-effective qualification costs.
  7. Ensuring there are highly effective and SMART Awarding Organisation development plans to continually drive up the standard of internal quality assurance across the business and all qualifications and that staff are fully aware of their responsibilities to support learners in line with their needs identified at initial assessment.
  8. Be in attendance of all Awarding Organisation SQA visits for all Leadership & Management programmes, ensuring timely visits to continually meet certification requests and ensure the timely distribution and completion of all actions to responsible and accountable staff to remain sanction free.
  9. Implement an agreed schedule of standardisation meetings across all Leadership & Management qualifications to drive best practice in assessment and internal verification and that staff are highly trained in these practices.
  10. Ensure the delivery of all examinations are conducted in line with the awarding organisation and Ixion’s internal quality processes.
  11. The IQA will work in conjunction with the wider teaching, learning and assessment quality team and senior managers to ensure the wider organisation’s quality strategy is fully implemented. Also, in ensuring that all Teaching Assessors involved in the delivery of all Leadership & Management programmes have the correct qualification levels as identified through the Staff Training Pathways, providing support and development as required to attain these qualifications.
  12. Working closely with the Regional Delivery Manager- Apprenticeships monitor the quality of delivery and report any changes in quality and compliance trends on the learner journey to ensure this feeds into the quality improvement plan and self-assessment.
  13. Carry out observations of teaching, learning and assessment observing in line with the Ofsted, Education Inspection Framework and Ixion’s internal observation and quality assurance strategies.
  14. Ensure all Leadership & Management teaching assessors have in place a robust development plan because of observations and monitoring activities and areas for improvement are fully supported and reviewed with strategies to continually develop each teaching assessor.
  15. Working with the Teaching Assessors to develop/integrate IT/Technology based delivery into the Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Standards.
  16. With the Regional Delivery Manager - Apprenticeships and IQA team, support change and innovation in teaching, learning and assessment and demonstrate a commitment to improving standards and driving performance and success across Leadership & Management and contracts.
  17. With the Regional Delivery Manager - Apprenticeships lead on curriculum development for all Leadership & Management programmes ensuring all schemes of work, session plans, resources and materials are in place to deliver high quality, innovative programmes of learning across all levels in response to employer and learner requirements.
  1. Use electronic portfolio system to record learner interventions and sampling plan. Maintain learner information, ensuring quality and integrity of data which is accurately recorded and submitted efficiently to meet contractual requirements
  2. Work with the direct line manager to maintain and improve IXION’s quality of delivery across all programmes – including success rates, observations of learning, performance management and taking part in Principal Verifier visits which relate to awards.
  3. Take an active role in preparation toward Ofsted inspections as well as taking part in Inspections as requested – This includes but is not limited to striving to achieve and maintain standards – including maintaining own CPD and maintaining occupational competence in areas of expertise.
  4. Support development of Leadership & Management programmes across other funding streams such as Commercial delivery.